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     JUNE 24, 2017
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PROJECT 40::36:
STARTS JUNE 24, 2017
The 12 Faces of the Inner Goddess



40 Days of Initiation and
Immersion into the Great
Waters of the Unconscious

With Sherene Vismaya, M.A.
Katy Noura Butler

The Path of Psychic Wisdom
Waxing Emotional Mastery & 
Waning through The Dreaming Dark.





As we travel through these 40 days of our inner(lunar) journey towards integration of Self and purpose, we shall also be following the mythic path trodden by the goddesses, Isis and Nephthys in the ancient mysteries of the Egyptian Temple. 

The quest of the Goddess Isis, the Bright Queen, and her Dark sister Nephthys, both lunar deities,  will represent our Soul's quest to realize itself through Love,  accompanied by its faithful shadow, through the spirals and cycles of returning incarnation, to find and re-unite with the lost, perhaps forgotten, wholeness of separate Self with true Spirit. This is symbolised for the Egyptians as the Bright Masculine Lord of Light, Osiris. 

The myth tells of how the sacred body of Osiris was dismembered by the dark forces of the material world and scattered over the length and breadth of the Two Lands of Upper and Lower Egypt, the task falling to his wife and her sister to find these parts and re-member them.

This tale illustrates how Life brings about separations within and from the Sacred Self and the way to unite it in consciousness, with Soul and Shadow working together under the Moon. 

We shall attune to this beautiful mystical lunar Sisterhood within to discover what lies beneath the waters of our waking nature, finding  deeper reasons and meaning behind our actions and feelings, providing us with new, magical realisations of wisdom and healing. 

Special emphasis will be placed on dreams and visions which occur during this time, and the opportunities to discuss and interpret them with each other and your Temple Guides, K.N.Butler and Sherene Vismaya.

Individuality and uniqueness are the supreme gifts of Separateness, but in this, we are each, although  incredibly separate and different, all the same. Perhaps this is the the perfect ultimate sorrow and  joy of incarnate existence.

On this 40 stage journey, we shall echo the Alchemical Formula, “Solve et Coagula” or “Separate in order to Unite”

Soul will unite with its Shadow to remember its truest, and brightest Source and heal the divisions within the Self to bring peace and prosperity to our lives. 

In a changing, uncertain world, where many of us have perhaps lost faith in our leaders,  we can return and rely upon the ancient wisdom  to lead us to the  self-sovereignty of Integration with the highest and best of which we are  all uniquely capable 


Moving out of negative thoughts
into the realm of imagination, creation and receptivity.



Seeing yourself, your emotions, and core self
through the eye of a lens

Working with the MOON:

This is one of the last P40's, we are down to the final 5. 


Imagine the power of delving into your inner world on a daily and nightly basis for 40 Days and 40 Nights—supported by insights, rituals, and community! 

P40: The MOON: is a 40-Day Jungian journaling program that you can do from anywhere at any time.
For 40 days and 40 nights, we will invoke the power and presnece of the MOON.

 Even if you’re convinced you’re someone who simply doens't have time for self-reflection, self-analysis and delving into your heart of hearts, even 20 minutes a day of P40 will change all of that. 


I conceived of Project 40 as a way to help those who could not afford to come for regular therapy sessions. I also wanted to find a way to leverage the daily experiential tools and rituals we can all use. The Internet allows me to do this and I invest a great deal of time and energy in order to make each Project 40 journey a highly personal and “of the moment” journey. Nothing cookie-cutter or generic like you might expect with many online packages and programs.

Project 40 is extremely unique and will take you just as deep as very intensive one-on-one Jungian psychoanalytic work. If you were to actually pay my going hourly rate, for the amount of time you get in this program, it would be very costly. At 250.00 / hour and approximately 20-30 hours per person per P40 session, we would be into the thousands of dollars.

So I am happy and grateful for the Internet, as it allows us to connect in a way that is affordable for you and allows us to be engaged on a daily basis.

Project 40 has healed me and so I have decided to share it as a service to the world under the blessing of my Guru, Mata Amritanandamayi who blessed it in Amritapuri in 2009.

A Necessary Rant:

As a diehard, classically-trained psychoanalyst with eighteen years of analysis and supervision from some of the best Jungian analysts in Zurich, NYC and San Francisco, it’s painful for me to see how so much of the elegance and depth of Jung’s work is lost and misused by those with very little if any actual experience or training (not to mention their own analytic process). Jung says that the unconscious is both beautiful and terrible but not something to “play around with” or take lightly by any means. Would you throw yourself out into the middle of a dark ocean without a reliable person at the helm… or worse, without a boat or a paddle? Unless you’re trying to live the life of Pi, this is probably not wise. The danger of superficial systems that I have seen claiming to explore “shadow work” is frankly downright disturbing when you realize how tricky it is to navigate the depths of one’s unconscious without the proper clinical training, supervision and experience. This is another reason why I am trying to make this work more pervasive as a way to undo some of the damage that has been done to Jung’s work and credibility in so many “new age” and “self-help” circles that have sadly cheapened the work. A complex is something that must be worked at daily and consistently and with a skilled analyst to help you unravel the many layers. It is not something that can be magically “fixed” in one weekend, covered up with medication or removed with a juice cleanse.

You Receive:

*Daily personal emails that I create on that particular day itself (nothing is pre-baked, half-baked or it would lose the essence of tapping into the powerful messages of that particular space and time–and thus lose the power of synchronicity so fundamental to the magic of Jungian therapy).

*A creative and self-expressive journey through the essence of the Sun inhabiting the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

*A system designed to bust through any laziness, blocks, and other BS that keep you from going beyond the normal 10% of mediocre consciousness and self-awareness.

*Daily probing questions that make you stop and reflect in ways that create lasting transformation.

*A powerful collective of kindred souls seeking radical transformation and willing to do the hard work in order to uncover the limitless potential and authenticity buried in the unconscious.

*Accountability partners on a daily basis to keep you inspired and staying on top of your inner work.

*Stopping and expanding time instead of the feeling that another month just flew by without any noticeable change in your life.

*A sacred container built on 18 years of research and private practice with a classically trained Jungian therapist and astrologer.

*40 Days of powerful tools you can use and re-use for the rest of your life that will totally transform your sexuality, your relationships and most importantly your Self.

*Daily astrological guidance and reflection on the collective unconscious influences as revealed by the current astrological weather.

* Jungian insights and techniques you can utilize to delve deeper into your core Self.
* Mythical, metaphysical, and cultural symbolism and reference material related to astrology and Jungian psychology.
* Astrological insights into the moment, so as to tap into the archetypes that are potentiated through our journey,
* Sacred Space with kindred spirits willing to go as deeply as you are.
The Project 40 community, P40 partners, journaling prompts, questions, rituals, and one-on-one support are all designed to help you unleash the courage, the passion and the resources you need to tap into your authentic potential! 

* Private Facebook Community with supportive peer group

* Guided  Meditations and Rituals

* Jungian Active Imagination Meditation Recordings

* Opportunity to receive one-on-one sessions with Sherene and Katy at a discounted rate during the P40.

I am thrilled to see how much Project 40 has grown and expanded over the past six years. There are only FOUR left before we reach the 40 mark and complete the series. The final seven are the pure form and expression of the planets.


We've designed P40: VENUS RX: STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE so that you can participate in it in the manner that best meets your needs.  
There are four different programs. Choose the one that feels best to you. 

**Limited for 3 people only.

40 Days of Guided real time, astro-inspired email messages and Jungian Journaling 
questions and tarot spreads written by Sherene. 

40 Days of daily written personalized feedback on either a dream, an issue of the day, a journalign question or up to a 3-card tarot spread by either Sherene or Katy.

One 90 minute
Jungian Astrology Consultation with Sherene  (Value: $310)

TWO 60 minute
Readings with Katy Noura (Value: $300)

Intimate Private Facebook Community 

Guided  Meditations and Rituals

Jungian Actve Imagination Meditation Recordings

Optional: Astro-Matched Accountablilty Mate
and more...

(Total Value: $2910)

**Limited to 6 People
40 Days of guided, astro- inspired real time email messages and Jungian journaling 
Questions written by Sherene 

Six weekly journaling/tarot spread feedback/reflections from Sherene or Katy

One 60-minute Jungian Astrology readings (with optional: Venus focus) with Sherene 
One 60 minute Tarot reading from Katy

Intimate Private Facebook Community

Guided  Meditations and Rituals

Jungian Active Imagination Meditation Recordings

Optional: Astro-Matched Accountablilty Mate
and more...

(Total Value: $1037)

**Limited to 10 People 

40 Days of guided, astro-inspired real time email messages and Jungian journaling 
questions written by Sherene (Value: $167)

Personalized written feedback and interpretation from Sherene via a dream or one page journaling submission; and Katelan on a tarot spread at the end of the P40.
(Value: $200)

One 30-minute Jungian Astrology Reading with Sherene (Value: $145)
ONE 30-minute Tarot Reading with Katy (Value: $100)

Intimate Private Facebook Community

Jungian Active Imagination Meditation Recordings with Sherene and Katy

Astro-Matched Accountablilty Mate

(Total Value $510)


40 Days of Guided, Astro- Inspired  Email Messages and Jungian Journaling Questions written by Sherene 

40 Days of Moon Mysteries and Egyptian mythology with Katy

Intimate Private Facebook Community 

Guided  Meditations and Rituals

Jungian Active Imagination Meditation Recordings with Sherene and Katy

Astro-Matched Accountablilty Mate

Gain Benefits No Matter How Much Time You Can Commit
You can do this Moon P40 at the pace that works best for you, being as active and involved as you'd like. For example, even if you only have a few minutes each day to attend to this work you'll receive benefit. Just reading the emails will inspire your mind with the intention you made to open up to the riches of your subconscious, and your imaginative mind and connection to the symbols of healing within and in the world will flourish. And, if you have more time (whether that be each day or several days throughout), you can focus more on it, diving into the journalling questions, doing the daily rituals, and actively participate in the Facebook page. P40:: The Moon: was created so it would meet your personal needs, allowing you to engage benefit however you would like, and yet still derive great benefits.

Why Invoke the Moon ?

MOON is the source of the Goddess, Memory and the Unconscious.
MOON is the source of Shadow and Light.
MOON is the source of containment, feelings and perception in the dark.
MOON is the source of Divine Nectar. 

If These Questions Resonate, You'll Love P40: THE MOON:: 

 *Do memories and moods haunt you?

*Are you sick of reliving the same emotional patterns?

*Do you feel stuck in longings or regrets about the past?

*Do you wish to strengthen your relationship to the Inner Divine Feminine?

*Are you ready to trust your inner gut without fail?

*Are you a good mother to yourself?
* Do you wish to improve the relationship with your own mother or other female figures in your life?
* Do you fear getting too close in love for fear of loss or disappointment based on past hurts?

*Do you have a hard time navigating your emotions and feelings?
* Does you wish your daily life contained more glamour and magic?
* Do you know how to constructivley express your hurt and frustrations in your relationships or do you allow resentments to build up?
* Do you suffer from living in the past?
* Do you feel in tune with the Moon cycles?
* Do you feel blocked in manifesting the kind of prosperity that would bring more beauty and sweetness into your world?


Personalized Insights with Sherene and Katy

WE designed MOON: LUXE, MIRROR, GLAMOUR AND CLASSIC packages so that you can experience private sessions and personal  feedback/reflections with us at a radically discounted price. Doing so will allow you to take full advantage of this astrological period to uncover the vast creative potential of the unconscious and the link between your horoscope and the MOON.

Selecting a MOON P40 program with these offerings will help you to:

Strengthen your Intuition, Memory, Magnetism, Feminine Mystique, , Money-manifestation and relationship to food.
* Discover self-care techniques and lifestyle strategies that address your personal needs, helping you to forge a deeper connection to the MOON.

* Learn how your the Moon Sign you were born under creates an innate longing toward's your soul's home.

* Understand your Moon Sign in the context of your individual astrology chart, learning  how to embody your inner divine feminine, magnetism, sensuality, and understandign the way your needs, attachment style and moods . 

Take advantage of this Moon P40 to get one-on-one support!


Private Sessions
with Sherene Vismaya, M.A.  
and Katy Noura Butler

In a private session with Sherene Vismaya:

Sherene’s readings focus on uncovering life themes, relationship patterns, and karmic cycles by interpreting the wisdom of your horoscope in the poetic language of archetypes. The psychic mandala of the horoscope reveals our deepest entrenched soul patterns and psychological complexes. What is the Self engineering in this lifetime? What has the soul come to master? What is our purpose in this incarnation? Who are we at the most fundamental level of our being? If we were fully individuated, who would we be? What would that look like? What is our vast potential in our career, relationships, creative expression? These are just a few questions that the horoscope can answer. The art of the horoscope interpretation is not something one can get from a cookbook computer-generated report. Sherene has eighteen years of experience as a Jungian Analyst and professional astrologer in private practice in New York City, San Francisco and India. 

One reading is often compared to the insight gained in a year or more of therapy sessions. The horoscope is that powerful of a tool to self understanding. At the end of Jung’s life he said he wished he had studied more astrology as it is an invaluable and illimitable source of information about the Self.

We'll focus on:
YOUR natal MOON and her needs and wishes for security and containment.
We will delve into emotional patterns as reflected in your natal Moon placement and aspects
We will discuss the Moon cycle (as in New, Balsamic, Gibbous etc) you were born under.
We will explore your progressed Moon cycles in your life and how they show emotional maturation, and coming home to yourself.


Katy Noura Butler has been working  with the Higher Mysteries for more than forty years

With nearly twenty years of  work in psycho-spiritual Tarot counselling and teaching behind her, she came to the Pyramids of Egypt in1996 to develop understanding of the ancient wisdom of the Egyptians and to,
found her own mystery school “ Sacred Egypt” for international aspirants, based on the Egyptian Star of Life, a sacred training which integrates 
the five subtle bodies into conscious present existence
katy has written “the Egyptian Path of Love”, published by O-Books UK , a work which uses the Egyptian goddesses and their consorts as a model for Sacred  Marriage, and other esoteric works , available to interested students ,has taught Tarot studies at Goldsmiths University, and the Theosophical Society, and Neals Yard Remedies in London, and was the founder of the Professional Tarot Society and its president for the first four years. In her youth she was a professional actor and singer, now she divides her time between a happy family existence surrounded by student guests, beloved animals and adopted children at the Pyramids and a busy private practice in London
 Katy Noura is an experienced and compassionate clairvoyant healer as well as an inspirational guide and teacher of the Ancient Wisdom in a changing world.

A Letter from Katy:

This being my first Project 40 with Sherene Vismaya, I think it only polite of me to introduce myself properly to you.

We shall be working very closely and deeply together for some weeks, and it is my firm belief and intention that these weeks will prove to be most significant in the understanding of your personal highest purpose, and the unfoldment of your truest  and best self towards that purpose.
This work which focuses on  the  development of your subtler and higher faculties and abilities,  proceeds from, and is based upon the ancient wisdom of the Egyptian Temple, and will be actually conducted from the sacred site of Giza Pyramids , directly before which I have my home and teaching space.

After working with the esoteric arts of Tarot particularly, in London for twenty years as counsellor and teacher , I came to Egypt just over twenty years ago to found my own Mystery School for international students and devote my self and studies to the understanding and re-awakening of the Egyptian Consciousness into the modern world.

It was indeed a different time. When I came here, there was no internet, no ATM, not even mobile telephones, and few landlines in the village .
In a pre-9-11 world, there were no  walls, perhaps  one or two police guards around the sacred places , and  a purity of access , if you knew where to look, to the essence of the ancient teachings.
 During  the fifteen years or so which followed,culminating exactly in the Arab Spring Revolution five years ago I,  was able to discover and complete a body of work, 'The Egyptian Star of Life ‘ which I have been teaching privately to selected students ever since. 
Hitherto,  I had not wished this work to be released into general publication until after my death. Twelve years ago, I became an Egyptian citizen, and the politics of the country, then required  a certain discretion. Also, because of the pure and powerful nature of the teachings, my instinct was always  to protect them from all but a chosen few.
However, I have since connected with, and worked closely with Sherene Vismaya, and together with the fact that it seems to me, recently, that the surge in technology has also accelerated a surge in Consciousness. Hopefully, proper understanding, of these teachings has escalated, and thus, with loving respect for Sherene Vismaya,  I am now encouraged to come out of my esoteric closet and offer them  to the world and to you.




Join P40:: THE MOON


Hear from others about the Transformative Experience of Project 40!

  • My experience with p40 has been completely transformative. Sherene creates a deeply healing, consistent and structured space that makes it possible to surrender to a profound psychologically transformative space while still staying grounded in daily life. This balance and the daily guidance creates an opportunity to really integrate the work in a way that makes lasting change. Sherene writes the daily guidance each day and this keeps the work inspired and relevant and gives it a sense of immediacy that keeps me moving forward. Sherene is a very graceful and compassionate guide who is willing to be present with you and go as deeply into the work as you're willing to go, this presence is one of the deepest gifts of p40.
    Kat Brown
    New York, NY
  • "Project 40 has helped me uncover fears and desires, clarify intentions, and bring awareness to my life. Like magic, the process has helped me to 'live the questions' to listen to myself and the world around me deeply, and to reflect. My heart has opened through the last three rounds, and thought I feel more humbled, I also feel more grounded."
    Jessica Larsen
    Los Angeles, CA
  • It's hard to put into words how amazing p40 is and the last one was extra amazing for me (it's my second). I think the journaling questions along with the archetypes just gave us a tremendous amount of material to work with. It was a very creative process. And the icing on the cake is just receiving the daily emails and reading about how your lives were intersecting into the whole thing. It was just fantastic! You're really sharing amazing gifts! Probably the most powerful part creatively for me were the meditations. I really took a deep journey each time and it opened my mind and eyes. 
    Roxanne Kennedy
    New York, NY
  • "Project 40 is a great way to start the day. Being in it is like being in a magic circle. Everyone is connected in a certain and inexplicable way and there are lots of synchronicities happening with Sherene and the other people in Project 40. I have found solutions to many questions, I would have been totally alone with otherwise"
    Elisandra Sevenstar
    Udaipur, India
  • Sessions with Sherene provide comfort and encouragement in a safe and sacred space.  The P40 Intensives offer the opportunity to extend one's work into a private cybergroup setting (participation can be as involved as personally desired - no pressure!), with specific esoteric themes upon which to focus. Surprising and often amazing revelations abound! The personal transformations can be subtle, can be profound - but are always unique and ever-fascinating. Sherene's methods are progressive and dynamic, and help to manifest positive changes in personal attitudes toward life and this world
    Carla Kali Ma Salls
    New York, NY
  • "Project 40 has changed my life. I have been in various forms of therapy and analysis since I was a teenager, and as helpful as that has been, I have not found anything more useful than working with Sherene in Project 40s.
    You will be amazed by the changes that occur within 40 days!!"
    Alexis Sullivan
    Portland, ME

PROJECT 40::36


Join P40:: THE MOON


Sherene Vismaya, M.A.

Sherene Schostak, M.A. is a Jungian analyst, metaphysician and astrologer in private practice in NYC and San Francisco for the past eighteen years. She specializes in depression, shadow work, anxiety, creative blocks, eating disorders, and relationship counseling. She is the author of several astrology and psychology books including a recent feature in Speculation, Now (Duke University Press/Vera List Center for Art and Politics at the New School.) Transpersonal Astrology: Explorations at the Frontier, Surviving Saturn’s Return: (Mcgraw Hill), Dog Stars (Penguin)  and The Fate of Your Date (Chronicle Books.) She holds a Master’s Degree from New York University in Clinical Psychology, a Masters Degree in Developmental Psychology from Pace University and advanced graduate work in psychoanalytic studies from The New School and ISAP, Zurich. She is the resident astrologer for Elle Magazine: UK- and the Netherlands. Her work is devoted to integrating the subtle body/psyche with the physical body through various metaphysical and healing modalities including Dream Analysis, Authentic Movement, Polarity Therapy, and Astrology.


PROJECT 40:: 36 

  • MOON
    ONLY 1 Left!!
    Total Value $2900
    One 90-minute
    Jungian Astrology Consultation with Sherene  
    (Value: $310)
    Two 45-minute Tarot Readings with Katy (Value: $300)
    40 Days of Daily Written Personalized Feedback on your Journaling/Dreams/Tarot Daily Reflections from Sherene
    (Equivalent of receiving 15-30 minutes of one-on-one dream analysis per day Value: $60 a day x 40= $2400)
    40 Days of Guided Real Time Inspired Astro-inspired Email Messages and Jungian Journaling 
    Questions written by Sherene and rituals and writing by Katy
    (Value: $197)
    Intimate Private Facebook Community 
    Guided  Meditations and Rituals

    Jungian Active Imagination Meditation Recordings
    Astro-Matched Accountablilty Mate
    and more...
    Total Value ($4077) but you only pay: $897
    • MOON
      ONLY 5 Left  
      Total Value $1037
      PAY ONLY
      One 60-minute Jungian Astrology Reading with Sherene  
      (Value $250)
      One 60-minute Tarot Reading with Katy (Value: $200)
      Six Weekly Journaling Feedback/Reflections with Sherene and Katy
      (Value: $600)
      40 Days of Guided, Astro- Inspired Real Time Email Messages and Jungian Journaling 
      Questions written by Sherene and Katy
      (Value: ($197)
      Intimate Private Facebook Community
      Guided  Meditations and Rituals
      Jungian Active Imagination Meditation Recordings
      Astro-Matched Accountablilty Mate
      and more...
      Total Value ($1247) but you only pay: $697
    • MOON
      Only 10 Left
      $648 Value
      PAY ONLY
      One 30-minute Jungian Astrology Reading with Sherene (Value: $145)
      Personalized written feedback and interpretation from Sherene and Katy on one core issue. 
      (Value: $200)
      40 Days of Guided, Astro-Inspired Real Time Email Messages and Jungian Journaling 
      Questions written by Sherene and Rituals by Katy (Value: $197)
      Intimate Private Facebook Community
      Jungian Active Imagination Meditation Recordings
      Astro-Matched Accountablilty Mate
      (Total Value $542) but you only pay $397
    • MOON 
      $30 off by June 12 
      after price: $197
      PAY ONLY
      40 Days of Guided, Astro- Inspired  Email Messages and Jungian Journaling Questions written by Sherene and writing and Rituals by Katy
      Intimate Private Facebook Community 
      Guided  Meditations and Rituals
      Jungian Active Imagination Meditation Recordings
      Astro-Matched Accountablilty Mate
      (Total Value: $197) but you only pay $167 if you register by June 7.